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Mexico - Oaxaca

Join us in this Luxury Getaway - a great opportunity to experience the historical,
cultural, artistic, and gastronomic aspects of the beautiful Colonial Region of
Oaxaca in southwestern Mexico.
The main attraction is the visit of the colonial city of Oaxaca, with colorful façades
representing over 400 years of art and history, bleached by the sun and a slew of
fascinating sights that are more than worth visiting – not least for the world-class
food on offer there which, for many, represent Mexico’s finest food and cuisine.
Officially recognized by UNESCO in 1987, it is joined on the UNESCO list by the
nearby archaeological settlement of Monte Alban, once the capital of the ancient
Zapotec civilization. We will continue our travel in history visiting Mitla, which is
another well preserved archeological site that was an important religious center
for the Zapotecs.
Additionally, we will learn about the process to produce Mezcal (Tequila is a type
of Mezcal) while enjoying Oaxaca’s great gastronomy. To ensure our submersion
into the local cuisine we will experience a fantastic cooking class that includes
sourcing the ingredients at a local market. Some side trips will take us into small
surrounding towns that specialize in crafts, pottery, and textiles.


Oaxaca City


Eastern Valley


South Valley


World Capital of Street Parades

Well...this may not be a fact but it feels like it. Pretty much anything worth celebrating is celebrated with a Street Parade in Oaxaca - Christenings, First Communions, Weddings, College Graduations, etc. During our short stay we enjoyed a few smaller parades and a big one: the "Gualaguetza" parade:

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