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Your Tour Directors Directors

Adriana and Gerry are your tour directors. Over the years they have developed a network of independent guides, transportation companies, restaurants, hotels, and anything that is needed in country. They personally know the territory very well, communicate in the native language and enjoy great personal and professional relationships.

Either Adriana or Gerry (and in some cases both) travel with the group arriving a day or two before to ensure that everything flows flawlessly from the start.


Adriana is the ultimate organizer, coordinator and troubleshooter and does it all with a big smile. Adriana had a successful corporate career in Mexico and the US and retired in 2011 to join Gerry, full time, in sharing a life of adventure and caring for their only son. Adriana holds a Level II Sommelier certification as well as the Italian Wines Expert certification.



Gerry is the relaxed half, always looking for fun things to do. Gerry had a successful corporate career when, in 2002, he decided to "retire" to do what he really loves doing. Gerry transitioned from being a corporate executive to becoming a professional chef and a certified Level II Sommelier. He is also a certified Spanish Wines educator.

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